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At López Law Office, we take a compassionate and open-minded approach that enables us to learn the absolute best parenting plan for your children. The days of mother-first child custody arrangements are over. At our Indianapolis family law office, the children’s best interests come first, and are based on both parents’ capabilities to meet their needs. Contact family law attorney Vanessa López Aguilera for experienced, firm, and fair legal representation.

Child Custody 101: Physical vs. Legal Custody

The physical vs. legal custody of a child in Indiana is based mostly on where a child lives. Is it best for a child to live with his/her father, and have parenting time with mom? The father then has both physical and legal custody of her child. This means that he has the right to make decisions regarding the physical well-being of the child, including where the child lives, and all decisions regarding medical health, religion, and education.

When a parent does not have legal custody of her child, she foregoes the right to decide how her child is raised. This does not infringe upon parenting time rights. In other words, parents still has rights to spend time with their children, even if they do not have physical custody. The only time this changes is when a parent is proven to be physically, financially, mentally, or emotionally unfit to maintain a healthy relationship with their child.

Can I Make Changes to Parenting Time Guidelines?

Child custody and parenting time can be changed after divorce if there are substantial changes in the child’s situation, such as issues at school, issues at home or relocation. Indiana courts will consider the best interests of your child in deciding whether there should be a change in custody or parenting time. Also, if a parent is not abiding by the appointed parenting agreement, it is possible to enforce the order in court.

Speak With an Indiana Family Law Attorney

If you have child custody concerns, make sure you have an experienced lawyer in your corner. Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera is highly skilled at handling custody disputes and will take every measure to protect your children’s best interests. Contact her online or call (317) 634-9484 for a consultation. Hablamos español.


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