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If you are a stepparent, you probably consider your stepchild a key part of your family. You may have helped raise your stepchild, but in order to establish a formal relationship, you would need to legally adopt him or her.

Experienced in Handling Contested and Uncontested Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions are a rewarding way to solidify your relationship with your stepchild. Our attorneys are experienced in handling stepparent and second parent adoptions throughout Indianapolis. We will make sure all the details are covered to avoid any unnecessary complications.

However, a time of joy can become emotionally overwhelming, especially if your stepchild’s biological parent is contesting the stepparent adoption. We are skilled Indianapolis stepparent adoption attorneys committed to protecting your child’s best interests. Contact us to learn how we can help guide you through the adoption process.

Can I Adopt My Stepchild?

If you want to adopt your stepchild, the child’s biological parent must relinquish his or her parental rights. This would happen naturally if the biological parent has passed away, but stepparent adoptions can become complicated if the biological parent is alive and contesting the adoption.

Every stepparent adoption is unique. In some cases, a parent may be willing to terminate his or her parental rights if he or she has a long-term prison sentence and sees the stability and nurturing environment the stepparent can provide. However, this is not always the case. If the biological parent is contesting the stepparent adoption, we can advocate why you would be in a better position to raise the child. A physiologist or family therapist may be able to reinforce your position based on concerns that the other parent is unfit with allegations of:

  • Neglect and abandonment
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Mental illness
  • Long prison sentence

Stepparent adoptions are often very smooth but can escalate into a contentious matter if the biological parent wants to maintain his or her parental rights. We have the skills, experience and legal resources to help you navigate through the adoption process no matter what you are up against.

What You Can Expect From Me As Your Attorney

We will provide the counsel and guidance you need to make the adoption process as smooth as possible. You can count on us to draft and file all the paperwork, and we will attend the formal courtroom hearing with the adoptive family. In stepparent adoptions, the final hearing is usually a joyous ceremony — the moment when the parents and child who have been emotionally close for many years formally solidify their relationship.

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Stepparent adoptions are one of the most rewarding aspects of family law. We genuinely take pride in helping our clients formally unite their family. To meet with an experienced adoption lawyer who wants the best for your family, contact our Indianapolis firm for a consultation. Hablamos español.


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