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If your relationship has broken down to the point that you are contemplating divorce, your mind is no doubt filled with questions and concerns about how the process works in Indiana. The rights and interests of spouses are intertwined, so there are requirements for dissolving the marriage and terminating their legal partnership. Plus, parties who have minor children must address custody, visitation, and support. The rights and responsibilities of parents do not cease simply because they are no longer in an intact relationship. 

With the complicated issues and emotional factors that impact Indiana divorce, it is wise to retain skilled legal representation for assistance with the process. At The López Law Office, P.C., our team has extensive experience assisting clients and in-depth knowledge of the laws that impact your case. We are ready to develop a strategy around your objectives, so please contact our firm to schedule a consultation with a Boone County divorce attorney. An overview of the basics is also useful. 

Issues in an Indiana Divorce Case

State statutes on dissolution of marriage create a no-fault system, so it is possible to cite an irretrievable breakdown of the relationship as grounds for divorce under Indiana law. The proceedings are different in every case, but there are three general areas that the parties will address during the divorce process. 

  • Property Division: Indiana divorce laws provide that all assets acquired by the couple after getting married are marital property, and any items owned beforehand are separate. Marital property is subject to equitable distribution, which means divvying up assets in a way that is fair.
  • Alimony: When divorce will result in a large financial disparity between the parties, the lower earning spouse may be entitled to alimony based on statutory factors.
  • Matters Involving Minor Children: Joint custody is the preferred arrangement, in which both parents make important decisions on important child-raising issues. The child will typically reside with one parent; the nonresidential parent has visitation rights and child support obligations.

Legal Help with Indiana Divorce Strategies

Parties are encouraged to work out the above divorce issues by agreement, though a judge will review arrangements for children carefully to ensure they serve the child’s best interests. By participating in mediation, the parties can often resolve remaining disputes. However, it will be necessary to go to court if the parties disagree on other key issues.

Our Boone County divorce attorneys at The López Law Office, P.C. will support you throughout the proceedings, tackling such tasks as:

  • Guiding you during settlement negotiations;
  • Drafting or reviewing a marital agreement;
  • Representing you during mediation; and,
  • Fighting for your rights at a contested hearing.

 Count on a Divorce Attorney in Boone County for Assistance With the Process

For additional details and custom-tailored advice on divorce in Indiana, please contact The López Law Office, P.C. You can set up a consultation with Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera by calling (317) 634-9484 or visiting our website. We are happy to explain the process once we review your unique circumstances. Hablamos español.


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