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Why Should I Get a Parent Coordinator?

Children can suffer adverse consequences when their parents engage in conflict during divorce. In some cases, one parent may attempt to alienate the children from the other parent, causing further harm. Witnessing parental hostility can lead to emotional distress, behavior problems, and developmental issues. 

Parents must prioritize their children’s well-being and seek guidance to minimize the impact of conflict on their children. Hiring and working with a Parenting coordinator is a helpful way to reduce friction and help manage big feelings the entire family may feel during divorce or separation. 

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

Managing conflict as a parent can be extremely difficult during a divorce. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, studies show children become increasingly stressed and dysregulated during a difficult divorce between parents. Additionally, children bear the burden of feeling choiceless and can be used as leverage. To neutralize the impact of conflict, a parenting coordinator is a practical choice to help guide families through conflict resolution. 

A parenting coordinator is a neutral third-party professional appointed by the court to help parents resolve disputes related to co-parenting after divorce or separation. The purpose of a parenting coordinator is to help parents communicate effectively, make decisions, and implement agreements about their children’s care regarding aspects of family law.

Parents may have difficulty agreeing on custody, child support, and parenting time issues during a divorce. These disagreements can lead to conflict and tension, negatively impacting the children involved. A parenting coordinator can help parents work through these issues and develop a parenting plan in the children’s best interests.

The role of a parenting coordinator may include the following:

  • Assisting parents in developing a parenting plan that outlines the children’s schedule, decision-making responsibilities, and communication methods.
  • Helping parents resolve disputes related to parenting time, custody, and visitation.
  • Providing education to parents on effective co-parenting strategies and techniques.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the parenting plan and making recommendations to the court if necessary.
  • Facilitating communication between the parents to help them work together effectively.

With the help of a parenting coordinator, couples may reduce conflict between one another and promote healthy co-parenting relationships, which benefit the children involved in the dispute or divorce. 

How can couples and individuals benefit from using a family law attorney?

Divorce or dealing with a complex family issue can be challenging. Issues like parenting time, spousal support, and visitation must be handled professionally and carefully, as strong emotions are often at play. The experienced family law attorneys at The Lopez Law Office P.C. have the knowledge and experience to help you get the answers you need to make informed decisions.

Our team is committed to providing open communication, stability for your family, and fair legal representation that keeps your best interests in focus from start to finish. We also use parenting coordinators where necessary to help manage cases more efficiently and with a greater understanding of all parties involved. Allow us to accompany you in this challenging season and guide you toward the desired resolution.

Are you looking for representation during a divorce? Contact us!

Engaging a qualified attorney is critical when facing issues related to divorce or any other family law matter. It can be challenging to navigate such a sensitive situation, and having someone with expertise in this field can provide much-needed guidance and advice. 

We offer a personalized approach tailored to your particular needs.  Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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