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What to Consider Before an Uncontested Divorce Filing

Our Attorney Helps You Decide Whether You Can File For an Uncontested Divorce

More times than not, when a couple faces divorce, they must negotiate through their disagreements with the help of a divorce attorney. The disagreements can range from small to large. Sometimes one spouse does not agree to the divorce itself. Other times, the couple cannot agree on who gets to live in the house they both own. Custody and parenting time rights also often bring up strong emotions and disagreements. When neither party can agree on terms, it is considered a contested divorce.

In the rare case that the couple agrees on all the conditions of the divorce, and are able to sign papers without needing mediation or going to court, they may file for an uncontested divorce.

If you believe you have an uncontested divorce ahead of you, it is still important to speak with an attorney to ensure you understand all the legal implications of this divorce filing. You may also have questions that an attorney can answer. As both an experienced Indiana divorce lawyer and certified mediator, Vanessa López Aguilera can help you through your divorce each step of the way.

What to Consider Before Filing Uncontested

There are common causes for a divorce that begins as uncontested to quickly change to a contested divorce. Through negotiations and defining the conditions of the divorce, one or both parties may find they cannot agree. It is important in uncontested divorces to agree with your soon-to-be former spouse on issues such as:

  • How to allocate shared debt
  • How to split finances
  • Dividing shared assets, including shared businesses
  • Child custody and support
  • Spousal support and maintenance

The emotional strain of separating from your partner and the complexities that accompany divorce can cloud your judgment and make it difficult to make a decision. Vanessa López Aguilera wants to make the process as painless as possible, and help reach agreements that suit both parties.

Contact Indiana Divorce Lawyer For Divorce Solutions and Mediation

Contested or uncontested, it is wise to seek legal support when going through a divorce. Indianapolis, IN attorney Vanessa López Aguilera, is attentive to the individual needs of your case. Whether you just need advice before completing your uncontested divorce, or you are seeking mediation to resolve a contested divorce, Ms. Aguilera always prioritizes your best interests. Contact us online or by phone at (317) 634-9484 to schedule your consultation. Hablamos español.

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