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This review is regarding my experience using Vanessa López for a family law case I had where I was trying to get more visitation with my child. Since we were not able to get an agreement settled upon, the matter winded up going to court. I was very happy with the outcome of court, and without Ms. López I do not believe we would have had nearly as positive as results. Her preparations were great. I almost felt like there was too much evidence/exhibits introduced during the case, but that just showed how much prep work she had done before hand to get items together to show the facts of the case.

The case had really hit a bump in the road (not due to Ms. López at all) and we were worried that we would actually not get any of our requests that we had made. However, once we were in court it was great to see Ms. López in action. She was very confident and knowledgeable about the case. Ms. López was direct with her questioning, quick on her toes, and when opposing counsel’s witness answered a certain response inconsistently she was quick to point that out

As far as billing goes…I have used other attorney’s before and really felt like I had no clue what my retainer was going towards. However, Vanessa was great about sending out itemized bills and letting us know exactly where the money was being spent. Additionally, when court started coming up sooner, she even went out of her way to give us a little warning that while preparing for court that we would probably notice more charges in the near future and that was in preparation for the court case. That was nice to not be surprised by a larger than expected bill when asked for payment. Additionally, with regards to bills, I did not think the billings of this attorney were asking too much at all, and appeared to basically be on par for the course of events.

Her quick-thinking and attention to detail was the reason the cased turned out the way it did. Getting us the results she did, we believed it was money well spent and would definitely recommend her to others.

Vanessa López Aguilera

Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera represents clients in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area



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