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I came to Vanessa behind the eight ball with a horrible one-sided custody agreement with a lot of lawyer loopholes preventing me any changes. I live in another state which made it even harder so not just any lawyer could have handled it and I’m 100% positive that any other lawyer would have been a mistake after the outcome I received which was more than I ever imagined and way beyond guidelines for being out of state or even if I lived in Indiana for that matter.

I did extensive research for months on Indiana lawyers before I decided upon Vanessa, I felt that she’s not like most lawyers, she wants what’s best for everyone involved and doing the right thing for the child as well as her client. She doesn’t see or treat you like just another paycheck, she treats every client like an individual taking personal interest in the case going far beyond “normal” lawyer duties and on her personal time as well (which is almost unheard of with most lawyers). I chose Vanessa because she’s genuine and caring where she understands what family is and how important it is for a child to have both parents in their lives, she fights for you as if it were her own family (it’s kind of amazing).

I wasn’t the easiest client by any means because of the severe difficulty of my case along with me causing extra headaches which made the case even harder but Vanessa always had patience with me and was very professional when most would have walked away. She took the time to speak with me in a way that was comforting and calming (like a family member or close friend) during hard times throughout my case which in-turn gave me a positive outlook and helped me to stay on my path. If it weren’t for her making that extra effort with those conversations outside of the routine case conversations, I would’ve never made it to the end, she honestly was a true life saver.

Her billing is like no other lawyer that I’ve ever seen, she’s beyond fair, she doesn’t overcharge for a lot of time that most would take advantage of. She only charges for the time that she’s working on your case and there were times it seemed less than what it should’ve been. Every statement was very clear and easy to understand with everything itemized, there were times where my account was in the negative and her effort in the case never wavered (my other lawyers in the past would hold until payment).

She was extremely knowledgeable of custody/family laws which she knew offhand and there were times that she pointed things out to opposing counsel which they were unaware of saving a lot of time and money. She also seemed very educated and highly intelligent when we would speak about my case and everything else outside of my case in general. She always did her research being very prepared and organized for anything that came at her, she’s quick-witted and quick on her toes with no hesitation if opposing counsel tried to catch her off guard.

My experience with Vanessa was above remarkable, added to what I just stated above she truly gave me my life and family back. I’m very happy that when she asked me to trust her with my case I said yes. I cherish every moment with my son and have become a better man with Vanessa to thank for a lot of that.

I have great respect for Vanessa and her staff.

Vanessa López Aguilera

Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera represents clients in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area



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