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Indiana Family Law Attorney Knowledgeable About LGBTQ Issues

In Indiana, LGBTQ family law is similar to family law for unmarried heterosexual couples. Vanessa López Aguilera is an experienced family law attorney who is committed to protecting the rights of LGBTQ couples by offering sound legal advice in English or Spanish.
Some of the common LGBTQ family law issues our firm handles include:

  • Domestic partnership agreements. Comparable to prenuptial agreements in a heterosexual marriage, a same-sex couple can form a property agreement to set out individual or joint ownership of specific assets or debt before entering into a domestic partnership.
  • Separation agreements. Much the same as separation agreements for unmarried heterosexual couples, the purpose of a separation agreement is to identify how property division, financial support, and parenting time will look when a domestic partnership ends.
  • Adoption. LGBTQ adoptions work like a single-parent or second-parent adoptions in Indiana, depending on the individual circumstances.
  • Division of property. Because same-sex marriage and civil unions are not recognized in Indiana, it is critically important for LGBTQ couples to determine how joint assets will be divided.
  • Guardianships. Guardianships are an important tool for same-sex families to protect their right to inherit money from their partners, document advance directives for health care, and identify how custody matters should be handled when one or both partners pass away.

If you have questions and concerns about LGBTQ family law, Vanessa López Aguilera offers skilled legal representation to same-sex families in Marion County and around the Indianapolis area. Contact her online or call (317) 634-9484 to schedule an initial consultation.


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