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Family legal matters are rarely, if ever, easy to deal with, and that certainly includes divorce. When it comes to issues like splitting a child’s time between two parents, dividing bank accounts, shared assets, and possessions, or determining support amounts, it seems as if no matter the outcome, someone always loses. While it may feel as if you are losing your battle, do not despair. A skilled Johnson County divorce attorney can help lessen the pain of what you are going through by fighting for a favorable outcome on your behalf. If you want to walk away from your divorce feeling happy with the outcome and your future, reach out to the team at López Law Office to discuss your case today.

Practice Areas

At López Law Office, our divorce attorneys are well-versed in a number of complex family legal matters. Clients have trusted us with their child custody, support, and divorce decree modifications for many years, and now you can trust us, as well. If you are about to embark on a divorce and need help drafting a fair and favorable decree, are in the midst of a contentious divorce and need help fighting for your rights, or are post-divorce and would like to modify existing orders, you can count on our team to assist you at all stages.

Whether you plan on pursuing a simple divorce or know that your divorce is bound to be complex, you can benefit from having an experienced attorney on your side. The right lawyer can help you review the proposed terms of your divorce and ensure fairness across the board in issues such as:

  • Child Custody: Child custody is undoubtedly bound to be the most contentious aspect of your separation. Fight for maximum rights to your child by working with an aggressive and knowledgeable child custody attorney.
  • Support Orders: Indiana allows for the awarding of both alimony and child support in divorce cases, although alimony is not common. Though child support is determined using a set formula, your attorney can help ensure that you present the correct financial documentation to receive a fair and reasonable support order.
  • Post-Divorce Modifications: Life is bound to change post-divorce. Make sure you are prepared to deal with those changes by having a family law attorney on retainer who can help you navigate those changes and draft amendments to existing documents to reflect those changes.

Experience Matters 

At López Law Office, our lead lawyer, Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera, has spent many years fighting for the best interests of families and children in central Indiana and WINNING. Judges and other attorneys throughout the area respect our team for our skill, tenacity, and unwavering confidence in the courtroom. Most importantly, they respect our team because of our outcomes. If you want to work with a team that is respected in the court and that will relentlessly fight for a favorable outcome to your case, go with the experienced team.

Contact a Dedicated Johnson County Divorce Attorney Today

At López Law Office, we are committed to helping our clients obtain the most favorable outcomes for their divorce and family law matters. If you are going through a tough legal battle involving loved ones, we are here for you. Contact our team today to schedule your consultation.


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