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Indiana Divorce Attorney Familiar with Alimony

There are many issues involved in a divorce, including alimony, otherwise known as maintenance. An Indiana judge might order maintenance for a spouse if it is found that the spouse lacks the property, education, or training to become self-sufficient.

What is Maintenance For?

In Indiana, maintenance is designed to help the lower-earning spouse maintain a reasonable standard of living and become self-supporting while the divorce is pending and after it is finalized. Indiana courts may order spousal support under any of the following circumstances:

  • If one spouse is physically or mentally incapacitated in any way that affects their ability to be self-supporting. Support will generally last for as long as the incapacity lasts, although the court will have the ability to modify the order at a later date.
  • If one spouse does not have sufficient property, even after the marital property is divided, to provide for his needs, and that spouse has custody of a child with physical or mental incapacity that prevents the custodial spouse from working outside the home. The court is to order this type of support for whatever time period is deemed appropriate.
  • If the court thinks an order of support is appropriate after considering the education and earning capacity of each spouse and whether either one interrupted education or career to care for children. This type of support is called rehabilitative, and the judge cannot make this type of support award for more than three years.

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