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Divorce can hit you hard out of nowhere or can be a long time coming. Whether you instigate it, your spouse does, or you reach the conclusion that you need a divorce together, divorce is a difficult transition that comes with a complex emotional component and represents a challenging legal process. 

Wherever you are in the divorce process, don’t wait to reach out for legal guidance. Consult with experienced divorce attorneys in Indianapolis, like those at López Law Office, to find the help you’re looking for. 

Parental Responsibilities and Parenting Time

In Indiana, child custody considerations are addressed as parenting time, or physical custody, and legal custody. Legal custody refers to the responsibility of making critical parenting decisions like the following: 

  • Where your children will attend school
  • The medical attention your children will receive
  • The extracurriculars and travel that your children will participate in
  • The religious education your children will receive

When you were married, you likely made these decisions by consensus, and you can continue to do so post-divorce. Alternatively, one of you may be awarded the authority to break a tie in the event it becomes strictly necessary, or you may divide these decisions between you according to the kind that needs to be made. Finally, one of you may take on sole parental responsibilities and make these decisions on your own. 

Parenting time determines the schedule of overnights with the children that you and your ex will share. If one of you has the children for considerably more nights out of the year, that parent becomes the primary custodial parent while the other sees the children according to a schedule.  

Child Support

Indiana holds both parents responsible for continuing to support their children financially post-divorce, and they employ a calculation equation that takes many factors into consideration in the process. Ultimately, however, the parent who earns more is likely to have an obligation to pay child support – even when parenting time is shared equally. Knowledgeable divorce attorneys in Indianapolis can help you advocate for a child support award that is fair to all parties.

The Division of Marital Property

Over the course of your marriage, you and your spouse – whether together or separately – acquired assets, and in Indiana, these are considered marital assets. This marital property –or its overall value – must be distributed between you fairly if your marriage ends in divorce, and a wide range of factors go into this determination. 


When divorce leaves one spouse without the means to support themself in a manner that comes close to the lifestyle achieved during the marriage and the other spouse has the resources to help, alimony may be ordered. When alimony does play a role, it’s generally intended to allow the recipient to gain the job skills, experience, or education to become more financially self-sufficient.  

It’s Time to Consult with the Best Divorce Attorneys Near You

At López Law Office, our formidable Indianapolis divorce attorneys have a strong reputation and impressive experience, skillfully guiding cases like yours toward positive outcomes. We work with you to support your parental and financial rights and advocate for your best interests. 

If you’re going through a divorce, we can help. Learn more by contacting us today.


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