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Indiana Divorce Attorney Answers Your Questions about Custody and Support

Divorce is a painful experience for a family, particularly if children are involved. An experienced Indiana family law attorney like Vanessa López Aguilera can answer your questions and protect your rights regarding child custody and support.

Child Custody

Physical custody is awarded to the parent with who the child will live. Sometimes joint (or shared) physical custody is awarded when the child spends significant time with both parents. When the child lives primarily with one parent, that parent has sole physical custody, and the other parent will have visitation rights.

Legal custody of a child means having the right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing, including schooling, religious activities, and medical care. When the decision-making is shared by both parents, they have joint legal custody; when one parent makes these decisions, that parent has sole legal custody.

Child Support

When one parent is given sole legal or physical custody of a child, the other parent typically is required to make child support payments to the custodial parent. When parents are awarded joint physical custody, their support obligations are based upon how much each parent earns and the percentage of time that the child spends with each parent. Like other states, Indiana has developed guidelines to calculate a range of child support to be paid, based upon the respective incomes and expenses of the parents.

If you dealing with child custody and support disputes in Boone County, Indiana, enlist the help of an experienced family law attorney like Vanessa López Aguilera. Contact her online or call (317) 634-9484 to schedule an initial consultation – evening and Saturday appointments are available for your convenience.


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