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Will Checklist

Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera: Experienced Legal Assistance With Drafting Your Will

The estate planning law firm of Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera is here to help you draft this important document. As an experienced will lawyer, I can step you through the important questions and decision process involved in creating a will. Together, we will go over your wishes for your estate, thoughts about medical treatment and quality of life issues, and design a document that provides you with peace of mind. A will that communicates your thoughts clearly means less emotional turmoil for loved ones during a difficult time.

As your estate administrator and attorney, I put my legal experience and training to work for you to design a document that provides guidance for medical personnel and your loved ones should you be unable to communicate your wishes.

Checklist For Your Will

It is vital that your attorney is experienced in drafting wills and estate management. When you visit the law office of Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera, you can be sure that every detail and possible concern can be dictated clearly in your will.

Every lawyer should have a will checklist that includes the following. When you visit our estate planning law firm for the drafting of your will, be sure that you are ready to discuss every aspect of the following checklist:

  • List your property and assets
  • Gather deeds, titles, etc.
  • Choose beneficiaries
  • Make wishes for your estate
  • Specify a power of attorney
  • Draft an advanced care directive
  • Draft a POLST (Physician Orders For Life-Sustaining Treatment)
  • Write a letter to family and loved ones

Death is never a fun subject, especially when it is your own, but discussing a will with your lawyer is perhaps the most important thing you could do. This is because a will can legally protect your wishes, and saves your family from trying to make difficult decision regarding your estate, medical preferences, and any other final wishes.

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López Law Office, PC can provide the understanding and legal guidance you need to make these important decisions. I offer a skilled and understanding approach based on your needs.

Your initial consultation is free, so don’t hesitate. Please contact us in the Indianapolis area today by calling us at (317) 542-3142. My office: Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera, 3502 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46208. Hablamos Español.

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