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Indianapolis Guardianship Attorney

A guardianship is a legal document in which a person designates someone to care for a minor child, a disabled adult child or an incapacitated adult in the event of the current caretaker's death.

For minor children, parents can include a guardianship designation as part of their estate planning documents.

For disabled children, parents need guardianship appointments when the children reach age 18 in order to continue making financial and health care decisions.

For parents who can no longer make decisions for themselves due to Alzheimer's or senile dementia, adult children need guardianship appointments to have the legal authority to take care of their parents - if the parents do not have powers of attorney forms. The guardianship appointment gives the guardian the right to make health care and financial decisions on the parent's behalf.

At the López Law Office, I can advise you on any of these types of guardianship applications. I will guide you through the process and help ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Grandparent Rights

I also assist grandparents in asserting their rights and interests in caring for a child, should the parents be unable to do so. In accordance with Indiana statute, the courts grant guardianship priority to those who were nominated in writing by the child's parent. However, nominating one set of grandparents in writing does not automatically make them the choice for guardians. I represent clients on either side of the issue. I help lay out clear reasons why my clients should obtain guardianship, keeping in mind factors such as:

  • The child or incapacitated adult's relationship with the grandparents
  • The ability of the grandparents to care for the child or incapacitated adult
  • The willingness of either side to support visitation
  • The location of the grandparents in relation to the child's current home and school
  • And other important matters

Attorney Vanessa López Aguilera

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